About Us

Established in 1991, Ramada Trading has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of fittings to the mining, agricultural, industrial and petroleum sectors, via re-sellers, distributors and agents.

Since 1991, our manufacturing division has seen enormous growth and an ever increasing range of specialized machinery such as CNC’s, Automatic and Centre Lathes, Multi-Axis Vertical Machining Centres, Cutting, Grinding, Welding, Drilling and Milling Machines. We also have highly specialised pipe and tube manipulating machines. As a manufacturer in South Africa, we are able to adapt to customer requirements and manufacture unique products to specification.

Our supplied products, which are sourced from factories around the world, along with our manufactured products, have been thoroughly tested by ourselves and comply with ISO regulations. Our quality guaranteed RT products are tested, at random on a regular basis in our own in-house testing facility.

Ramada Trading is committed to the ongoing research and development of the highest quality products at cost effective prices, and strives to ensure that we stay on the forefront of efficient service.

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